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It can be challenging for those who have recently lost a loved one to think about immediately planning a funeral or memorial service. Coming together in a supportive atmosphere can help provide comfort to those who are grieving and provide a sense of closure and an opportunity to say goodbye to the person they’ve lost. Many people begin their journey toward healing after they have had the chance to share memories, connect with friends and family, and receive support during their time of loss. The type of service you choose is a personal decision and we are happy to assist you in planning an event that best suits your loved one and honors the life they lived.

Burial Services

Burial is a very traditional method of final disposition. You can choose between several types of burial services suited to your individual preferences or those of your loved one:

An immediate burial is an option for those looking for a burial or entombment but does not wish to have a gathering or public funeral service. Immediate burial is usually a more economical option for those looking for a simple and straightforward final disposition choice.

Many families prefer to hold a visitation allowing family and friends the chance to say goodbye to the deceased, in either an open or closed casket. These services are also known as viewings, wakes, or calling hours. You may also consider a private family viewing if you do not wish to have a public event.

A funeral or memorial service can be customized to represent something meaningful for your loved one. Services can be held at a range of locations, but typically take place at the funeral home or a church. A formal funeral service is generally a more serious and somber event while memorial services tend to celebrate the life of the deceased in a more cheerful manner.

Committal services (commonly known as graveside services) are an opportunity for loved ones to gather at the cemetery to say a final goodbye to the deceased. These services often take place after a funeral or memorial service, however, you can also choose to hold a committal service without any other additional events. A private graveside service is also an option if that is more appropriate for your circumstances.

Cremation Services

Families frequently choose cremation over burial because of the wide degree of flexibility cremation offers during the planning process. Whether the family needs more time to make decisions, coordinate travel arrangements, or plan final disposition details, cremation can help reduce the sense of urgency that comes up after the death of a loved one.

Choosing cremation still allows the family to hold a funeral or memorial service. Some families elect to hold a viewing prior to the cremation taking place, offering a final chance for friends and family to say goodbye to the deceased. Deciding on cremation versus burial does not change the type of services you may select from.

Interment of cremated remains is an option for those wanting to bury an urn in a family burial plot or special memorial site. Urn gardens or cremation niches in columbariums are also options for final disposition of cremated remains for those wanting a significant place to visit and remember their loved one after passing. We have a variety of indoor and outdoor options you can choose from and are happy to review the possibilities with you.

If you decide to bury cremated remains, you may still choose to hold a graveside service to honor your loved one with a traditional ceremony. Some cemeteries also allow for cremated remains of more than one person to share a burial plot, typically the case for married couples or family members who wish to comingle their ashes together.

Scattering cremated remains is another popular choice for people who have a meaningful site for their loved one’s final resting place. You might choose to scatter all of the cremated remains or retain a portion in an urn as a sentimental keepsake. Memorial or scattering gardens are commonly available at cemeteries, or you may scatter remains on private property. It is possible to scatter ashes on public property, however, you may need permission or a permit in advance before doing so.

If you choose to retain the ashes, we offer a variety of urns that may suit your loved one’s personality and honor their memory. There are full-sized urns designed to accommodate all of the remains, or smaller keepsake-sized urns if you would like to divide the ashes so that family members may each keep a memorial of their loved one nearby.

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